The MULTAI Studios is a full service production studio. Our facilities are available for rental as well. That includes a 1,000sqft green screen studio, a rear patio for entertaining, a private green room, and control room, Audio Suite. Full mobile multi-camera HD video and audio production vehicle for “live feed” to large screen projection, perfect for concerts, sporting events, conventions, a large greenscreen shooting stage, sound booth, makeup/dressing room, and meeting spaces etc.

Our team of shooters, editors, motion graphics artists, and composers, works daily with non-profits, creative agencies, television networks, and other production companies, to consistently beat expectations and keep our clients coming back. we know to do that we can’t just be good enough we need to own it.

Whether you’ve got everything but the studio, nothing but an idea, or anything in between, our experienced staff and HD studio are at your disposal to help bring your project to fruition.

The feature at our Green Screen Studio

    Pre-lit Green Screen Cyc

    1/2 Day & Full Day Studio Rentals


    On Camera Web Hosting

    Product Demos

    Corporate Training Videos




    Casting and Auditions

    Table Top Insert


    Sound Recording Studio

    Virtual Sets

    Production and Sales Demonstrations

MULTAI offers Custom-Production, 2D/3D Animation and VFX services from a team who has lot of industry experience. While our focus is on animation and vfx our broad skill-sets offer a multitude of creative solutions from concept design, pre-viz, shoot supervision, compositing, motion graphics, color grading, restoration, web development or any combination of these services.